Jason Kinser

Jason Kinser

Associate Professor

Office: 309 Occoquan Bldg PW Phone: 703.993.3785
Primary Website: http://kinser.spacs.gmu.edu/
Other Websites: http://binf.gmu.edu/kinser/

Current Research Interests

Classification of Regions in Lung Scans- Idiopathic pulomonary fibrosis (IPF) is a terminal disease for which this is medical relief or cure. Methods measure common presentations of IPF are being developed in the lab using pulse image processing.

Teaching Interests

CSI - 709: Algorithms in Image Processing
BINF 734 Advanced Programming
BINF 639: Biometrics
BINF 637: Forensic DNA Sciences
PHYS 103: The Physics of Everyday Phenomena
BINF 650: Introduction to Databases for Bioinformatics